Camp Yowochas has been running year round programs since 1981, and summer camp programs since 1916. We know how important camp is and the benefits that kids get from their time at the camp. We’re excited to be bringing the same benefits and outcomes to you with our new Yowochas Learning Academy program!


Yowochas Learning Academy (YLA) has been designed for students who have chosen a distance or virtual learning option with their school division. The Camp Yowochas team will work with the parents of the students to understand and schedule their day to ensure they are meeting all curriculum needs. YLA is for students who are 5-15 and enrolled in kindergarten to grade 9.

YLA was also designed with parents in mind. We want to provide parents with the opportunity to return to work with the peace of mind of knowing their children are safe and progressing in their learning and development.

Our staff will be here to support your children’s learning by ensuring they are keeping pace with their assigned curriculum. We will get them to their classes and connected on time and supervising that their school work is completed and answering questions where we can to help.

The maximum number of spaces in our first YLA pod is 10. The small number of campers along with our dedicated staff team will ensure a strong relationship can be built and we can support your child’s learning and development.

When the campers are not working on their mandatory school work, we will be doing what we do best at camp: facilitating outdoor experiences! We are a fully equipped outdoor education facility and summer camp, and we will never waste an opportunity to get the kids outside learning new skills and reflecting on the activities of the day.


Through close communication with the parents of the students, our staff will build a strong sense of community where we will all work together to ensure the campers are getting what they need out of their time with us at Yowochas.

This is a new program to us, just as it is for you and your family. Camp Yowochas is dedicated to keeping that open line of communication so that we can all move forward together to support the needs of the children and families that join our community. We will be hosting parents’ nights where everyone will have a chance to speak to the staff and management team and discuss any concerns, or simply to get to know the program and the team.

We want to provide our registered families with peace of mind that your children are keeping up with school, safe and well-cared-for. We are planning to expose your children to exciting new opportunities and activities that appeal to a wide range of learning styles. They will come out of this program with so much more than what their virtual learning alone has to offer!

While everyone is doing their best to cope with all the changes in the world, YLA is an opportunity to help your children stay on track with school and pick up some valuable life skills along the way. Camp Yowochas prides itself on the growth we spur in our campers, while also providing the peace of mind for parents knowing their children are safe and cared for.


YLA is broken down into 4 separate terms. The dates coincide with Parkland School Division’s return to school dates for students who chose distance learning to start the year with the intent to return to the classroom.

Parents can elect to register their children for the full 5 day a week program, 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or 2 days per week program (Tuesday and Thursday). Pricing is per term, and varies based on the amount of school days in each term.

Term DatesPrice Per Student
5 days/week3 days/week2 days/week
1. Term ends Nov 6Prices prorated based on start date
2. Nov 16 – Dec 23$900$600$450
3. Jan 4 – Mar 26$1,900$1,300$960
4. Apr 6 – Jun 25$1,900$1,300$960


Spaces are extremely limited for our first YLA pod, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registrations can only be completed by phone. We are available at 780-892-2660, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.