The safety of our campers and staff have always been our top priority at Camp Yowochas, and we continue to follow all Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines. We are currently maintaining our registration numbers at 50%, though there is the possibility that we may be able to add more spots later in the summer, dependant on several factors.

The following procedures are an overview of the precautions we are currently taking to ensure Camp Yowochas continues to be a safe place for everyone who comes to camp this summer. We will review and adapt these as needed, based on any updated guidelines from AHS and the Alberta Government.


All Camp Yowochas staff are required to be fully vaccinated and we do recommend that all campers also be vaccinated. We will not be requiring proof of vaccination for any campers this summer.


Camp Yowochas is utilising the cohort approach to reduce the spread of any possible outbreaks. Our cohort system has been designed to try to protect our staff and campers by limiting the number of close contacts.

Cabin Cohort – Campers and staff will be in a cabin cohort. Masking and distancing will not be required within this cohort, with a few exceptions. This cabin cohort will be spread out across two cabins and each camper will have their own bunk bed to themselves.

Community Cohort – Community Cohorts will be used to separate groups into consistent bathroom, dining, and program spaces around camp. There will be three community cohorts, two for overnight camp, and one for day camp.


Masks will be required indoors except for in camper cabins and at their table in the dining hall. Masks will also not be required in common sense situations. For example, bathrooms will be used by individual cabin cohorts for showering and teeth brushing, no masks will be required in those moments. Campers can expect a gentle and supportive mask environment at camp.  Campers will never be critically reprimanded for forgetting to wear a mask or temporarily wearing one improperly. 


Before your week begins, you will receive an email with some useful information including our Daily Health Checklist for you to review. When you drop your camper off, you will be required to complete the Daily Health Checklist with a member of our staff. Day camp families will be required to complete a checklist daily. Our staff will also be completing this checklist and doing temperature checks daily to ensure that they are in good health.


If a camper has COVID symptoms as defined by Alberta Health Services (AHS), outside of previous medical conditions, Camp Yowochas will contact the family and arrange for the camper to be picked up as soon as possible. The camper will be isolated with a staff member remaining nearby to monitor the camper until the family arrives to pick up the camper.

If a staff member has symptoms, that staff member will isolate and arrange to depart camp as soon as possible.


Handwashing has always been and continues to be a large part of camp life. Our staff will be ensuring that everyone has plenty of opportunities to wash their hands throughout their day and prior to each meal or snack. All staff will have hand sanitizer with them in addition to hand sanitizing stations throughout camp. 

Cleaning is a nonstop requirement of camp. You think your house gets messy quickly, you should see camp after thirty minutes of 200 campers on site! All areas of camp are cleaned on a regular basis. High traffic areas such as bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently. High touch areas such door handles and light switches get additional disinfecting throughout the day. Program areas and equipment will have increased cleaning frequency or additional rest time where possible. 

All program areas and equipment will be cleaned at the end of each session. Disinfectant spray will be at each activity area to ensure proper cleaning. Wherever possible, cabin cohorts will have their own equipment such as sports balls.

Physical Distancing is easy on our 60 acres, with plenty of space for people to spread out and utilize different areas around camp.

Enjoying nature is also a cornerstone of a Camp Yowochas experience. Where possible we will be eating outside as well as working to reduce our time spent indoors.

If you have any questions about our COVID protocols beyond what is covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us  either by phone (780-892-2660) or email (yowochas@ywcaedm.org).