Camp Yowochas has worked hard over the years to keep our prices stable. Like many of you, we have been challenged by rising costs, including food, utilities, and staffing. We also recognize that different families have different abilities to pay for summer camp.

With all of that in mind, Camp Yowochas is moving towards voluntary three-tier pricing for all of our summer camp programs. During registration, parents and guardians choose the tier that is most suitable for their budget and family. There is absolutely no difference in the experience that campers will receive.

Additionally, the Camp Yowochas Camper Subsidy program remains in place to assist families who require additional assistance to send their children to camp.

Below is an explanation of what each tier represents:

TIER I: This is the same rate Camp Yowochas has offered for the past few years and includes just the costs associated with your camper including food, activity supplies and direct staffing. This reduced cost is made possible by the efforts of our Fund Development team through contributions from individuals and organizations.

TIER II: This rate includes all of the direct costs associated with Tier I as well as activity specialist’s salaries, operational costs, and overhead costs such as utilities.

TIER III: This rate accounts closest to the actual costs of camp including all of the costs from Tier I and II, all support and resource staff salaries, insurance, and administrative costs. This tier gives families the opportunity to support Camp Yowochas and our ability to focus on preventative maintenance and upgrades.